Clojure & ClojureScript consultancy

We partner with startups and SMEs to provide technical expertise in quick prototyping and building MVPs, APIs and 3rd-party integrations. Reap new opportunities without distractions from your core business.

We worked with Gaiwan on a complex ClojureScript test runner, and an integration of our product with a popular service. In both instances, they managed their time and resources well, effectively navigated unknowns, delivered high-quality code and communicated clearly. We had nothing but positive feedback, and would highly recommend Gaiwan as a partner.

The Gaiwan team helped us deliver a flawless attendee experience for our conferences. They have created a Bespoke editing and rendering tool to meet ITRev's needs. Created a live streaming conference platform and integrated it into several services and much more. It has been a delight working with them.

We have worked with the Gaiwan team for a large part of our journey. This has included tooling improvements, architectural feedback, improvements to our testing approaches, and one-on-one coaching sessions with our developers.

Gaiwan was comissioned to create the Datomic database driver for Metabase, and worked with Eleven to integrate Metabase into our system. They completely took the pain away from us and let us focus on our core product.

Our projects

Lambda Island Open Source

All Gaiwan engineers are active open source contributors, and we have several open source libraries we created and maintain, available through the Lambda Island brand.

These projects often stem from needs we saw in client projects, or in the community in general. By opening them up we make sure we can use these building blocks on subsequent projects.


Heart of Clojure

Gaiwan GmbH is the initiator and legal entity backing the Heart of Clojure community conference. We provide the organizational infrastructure to be able to pull off such an event, and manage a big chunk of the work that goes into organizing. We also provide a “parachute sponsorship”, patching up any holes in the budget that may arise.

Meet the Gaiwan team

  • Arne Brasseur (Berlin)


    Arne has been delivering software solutions for well over a decade, as well as coaching individuals and teams on topics both technical and organizational.

    Since 2013 he's been coaching and consulting companies solve complicated real world problems. He has a natural instinct to break down highly complex problems and explain them as a series of simple solutions.

    He loves a nice cup of tea, and likes to to go for runs.

  • Mitesh Shah (Mumbai)


    Mitesh learnt coding because of his desire to hack video games. This slowly turned to a passion for all things computer.

    Active contributor to OSS, he was also funded by ClojuristsTogether to work on Clojurians Log V2.

    He creates Clojure related screencasts on his YouTube Channel.

  • Alys Brooks (Madison)


    Alyss is a professional writer and editor by day and a programmer by night. She has worked as a technical writer at Epic.

    She loves open source and photography.

  • Felipe Barros (Recife)


    While still at school, GNU/Linux liberated Felipe from the shackles of digital oblivion and corporate abuse.

    Being a keyboard enthusiast who follows the Dvorak branch of the Emacs faith, he already manipulated text in Vim and Emacs way before his renewed interest in computer programming and cherry-picked the Clojure/ClojureScript path after falling in love with Rich Hickey’s capillary parentheses/curls.

  • Ariel Alexi (Rosh HaAyin)


    Ariel is finishing up her last year as a Computer Science student, where she built numerous projects with C++, Java, Javascript, and Go. We introduced her to Clojure, which she took to like fish takes to water. Her thirst for knowledge has not stopped growing.

    In her free time she likes to develop video games.

  • Joshua Ballanco (Miami)


    Josh has built operating systems with Apple, local news sites with AOL, and served as the Chief Scientist for a world-wide distributed team of programming and design consultants.

    He even managed to complete his Ph.D. in Computational Evolutionary Dynamics along the way.

    He currently works remotely from his home in Miami where he lives with his beautiful wife and two young kids.

  • Laurence Chen (Taipei)


    Laurence is an experienced developer with a knack for understanding the needs of the customer, and delivering pragmatic solutions. He has created bespoke systems for Taiwan-based SMBs, and offers consulting to the LINE corporation.

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