Gaiwan is a software agency with a team that spans continents and cultures. We build opinionated products and systems that serve the people that use them.

Simplicity, and honesty are our core values. Our globally diverse team gives us a huge advantage, as every single member brings a different perspective to the table.

Our Team

Arne Brasseur - Berlin

Arne has been delivering software solutions for well over a decade, as well as coaching individuals and teams on topics both technical and organizational.

Since 2013 he's been coaching and consulting companies solve complicated real world problems. He has a natural instinct to break down highly complex problems and explain them as a series of simple solutions.

He loves a nice cup of tea, and likes to to go for runs.

Felipe Barros - Recife

While still at school, GNU/Linux liberated Felipe from the shackles of digital oblivion and corporate abuse.

Being a keyboard enthusiast who follows the Dvorak branch of the Emacs faith, he already manipulated text in Vim and Emacs way before his renewed interest in computer programming and cherry-picked the Clojure/ClojureScript path after falling in love with Rich Hickey’s capillary parentheses/curls.

An arts person, likes to spend free time writing or drawing and can often be caught talking about interfaces as handcrafted, artisanal work.

Ariel Alexi - Rosh HaAyin

Ariel is finishing up her last year as a Computer Science student, where she built numerous projects with C++, Java, Javascript, and Go. We introduced her to Clojure, which she took to like fish takes to water. Her thirst for knowledge has not stopped growing.

In her free time she likes to develop video games.

Alys Brooks - Madison

Alyss is a professional writer and editor by day and a programmer by night. She has worked as a technical writer at Epic.

She loves open source and photography.

Mitesh Shah - Mumbai

Mitesh learnt coding because of his desire to hack video games. This slowly turned to a passion for all things computer.

Since then he's launched multiple online products, co-founded his own e-grocery vegan startup, and consulted on various technologies and projects.

He loves video games, dabbles in moral philosophy, and is trying to go vegan.

Laurence Chen - Taipei

Laurence is an experienced developer with a knack for understanding the needs of the customer, and delivering pragmatic solutions. He has created bespoke systems for Taiwan-based SMBs, and offers consulting to the LINE corporation.

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