Delivering devops enterprise summit

Delivering devops enterprise summit
Courtney Kissler and Paul Gaffney speaking at the Dev Ops Enterprise Summit 2023 from IT Revolution.

We have worked closely with Gene Kim and his team at IT Revolution to build and deliver the Dev Ops Enterprise Summit online conference.

Up until 2019 these conferences amassed tech leaders from across the globe for an in-person conference. After the pandemic though, there was an urgent need to take this to an online venue without detracting from the experience.

Gaiwan ended up building a bespoke conference platform suited to the IT Revolution team.

The products we built were

  • Reliable Live Streaming with backups
  • Slack logs and Real-time slack widgets
  • Sponsor integrations
  • The Video Editor
  • The Video Library

The technology we used behind all our work was of course Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic, Redis, Ansible, and hosted everything on GCP (Google Cloud).

All the details for the above work are contained in this presentation we gave at the DOES conference.