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IT Revolution

Bespoke conference video editor

ITRevolution hosts the biggest Devops conference - the DevOps Enterprise Summit. During the pandemic they shifted from in-person to a completely online conference which came with a host of problems. We helped them transition their entire operations to a cloud native solution. We also helped their team to be able to edit over 100 videos per conference fulfilling all of their custom operations using our in-house video editor frontend which uses FFMPEG DSL behind the scenes.

Read in-depth of how we built it

re:Clojure Conf

Built & Redesigned the reclojure.org website

Gaiwan loves Clojure, which is why we love supporting community events like re:Clojure. You may have seen the amazing event website? That was us. A lightweight design, leveraging web standards for maximum accessibility, and a responsive experience across devices, all in an appealing package.


Integration with a popular chatting service

We helped Pitch in building a complex ClojureScript test runner suited to their codebase. We also helped in integrating the Pitch app into an extremely popular chatting service.


Metabase integration and financial queries

We created the metabase driver for Datomic for Eleven and also open-sourced it. We then helped create and integrate their complicated financial reporting with metabase resulting in some pretty sweet graphs for their clients!.