Heart of Clojure Tickets For Sale

desk at Heart of Clojure 2019

Tickets for Heart of Clojure are now available.

Grab them here!

We have a limited amount of Early Bird tickets, they will be on sale until the end of April, but we expect them to sell out before that.

Meanwhile the orga team is in full swing! The next major milestone will be to get the CFP up, so people can submit their talk proposals. While we get that ready you can already start thinking about the talk or session you want to propose.

We are also busy reaching out to potential sponsors. We really need sponsors to make this event happen, and in the current economic climate they're a little harder to find than five years ago.

But we're confident we can convinve enough of them to support us. It's a unique opportunity to reach three to fourhundred smart and talented technologists, and to be associated with probably the coolest event of the year. If you know of companies that would be interested, please send an intro to orga@heartofclojure.eu, or pass on our sponsorship prospectus.

- Bettina & Arne