Next Batch of Heart of Clojure Speakers

As promised, today you learn who the next five speakers for Heart of Clojure are.

Lu Wilson

We think it's important, as a conference and as a community, to look beyond the tight-knit Clojure world. To create connections and see what we can learn from others. And so we are chuffed to bits to invite Lu Wilson for our opening keynote.

People who are familiar with Lu's work and with the vibe that Heart of Clojure tries to go for will instantly understand what a good fit this is. They are a remarkable creative individual, expressing themselves through code, video, and writing. Their Todepond youtube channel with its quirky story telling and fresh approach to teaching has garnered a cult following.

More recently Lu became a co-host of the Future of Coding podcast, which has itself grown a lively community, and a researcher-in-residence at Ink and Switch. We're excited to create a small bridge between these groups and the Clojure community.

Sami Kallinen

We love to see some SciCloj at Heart of Clojure, and we love to see casual programming, people using their REPL to scratch their own itch.

This presentation, created in collaboration with Daniel Slutsky and the Scicloj community, discusses the Scicloj project and the data science tools for Clojure. Sami Kallinen shares his personal journey of learning to sail during the Covid-19 pandemic. The main focus of the presentation is on Polar diagrams, which are crucial for assessing a boat's performance, important for racing tactics and choosing the optimal sailing routes. The speaker has collected and analyzes various data points to create these diagrams for a 46-year-old Finnish half-tonner cruising sailboat with a classic design. The primary focus is on showcasing how Clojure's data science tools are used to analyze data and construct models, especially through Bayesian analysis.

Chris McCormick

When he's not creating micro-games like Rogule, Chris builds micro-businesses on top of ClojureScript. For this he's developed Sitefox, a ClojureScript web framework for Node.js.

I had the pleasure to sit down with Chris for lunch on a recent trip to London, he's a fascinating person with an interesting story. Originally from down under, he's currently living in the UK with his family, making it only a short hop to Leuven.

Colin Fleming

When it comes to Clojure editors and IDEs, two continue to dominate the community polls, CIDER for Emacs, and Cursive for IntelliJ. But while CIDER has a team of open source contributors, Cursive continues to be the work of one man: Colin. He's coming from far down south as well (New Zealand), but already had reasons to be in Europe around that time, making it a perfect opportunity for him to join us.

Jack Rusher & Paolo (Sohalt)

Nextjournal (of Clerk fame) has recently set out to revolutionize how we deploy Clojure applications. The result is Garden. Come join Jack and Paolo as they teach you how to get your apps online.

With many thanks to our gold sponsors, Clojurists Together, Nubank, Latacora, and Exoscale.