Building a clojure based video editor and renderer on top of FFMPEG

IT Revolution edits over 100 videos per live streaming conference. To handle this, we built them a cloud-native video editor in ClojureScript that used FFMPEG DSL that synced speak and slide footage with on-demand rendering and customizable video templates for intuitive editing.

Still Beating the Averages

"Beating the Averages" makes a compelling case that a start-up consisting of a small team of Lisp developers has a strategic advantage. How can a company grow with Lisp? At Gaiwan we have developed an approach that works rather well...

Delivering devops enterprise summit

We have worked closely with Gene Kim and his team at IT Revolution to build and deliver the Dev Ops Enterprise Summit online conference. Gaiwan ended up building a bespoke conference platform with Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic, Redis, Ansible, and hosted everything on Google Cloud.